'Market Mania' Party Game Models & Textures

This was created as for a group assessment for my university's 'Games Production' module in my first year. In a team of 5 with a mix of design students and programming students we were tasked with creating a vertical slice of a party game. My group came up with 'Market Mania' a 'competitive-selling game' as we called it. The aim of the game was to pickup items that were spawned on the map and take them back to your market stall to sell them and to get a higher score than the other players. Items could also be used instead of sold in order to prevent other players from collecting items.
For this assignment my focus was the game's map/level and the models and textures needed for the game. I modelled the map and objects within it using 3ds Max and then used a combination of Photoshop and Substance Painter to texture them. Additionally I set up the lighting for the game scene within Unity as seen in the renders above.

January 26, 2020